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Concrete Fiberglass Vinyl pools.

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Kenneth Morgan Pools

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Our skilled craftsmen take pride in every job they do – whether its a small garden or a ground-up backyard for a full custom home. Our team works efficient and precise, leaving a clean job site at the end of each day and keeping you informed on a need to know basis.

We love what we do.


We know projects can be challenging. We provide transparent communication throughout the entire process so we’re always on the same page.


We are the most awarded company in Ontario by the Pool & Hot Tub Council and Landscape Ontario.


We stand behind our work. We want to leave you with a project we’re both proud of and be there for you when you need us back.

Our Pool Types.

When you want flexibility and quality.

A vinyl pool is created by assembling galvanized steel walls to a concrete floor, and installing a vinyl liner as a barrier between water. This type of pool has a great deal of flexibility and customizable aspects, at a reasonable price. A vinyl pool can be made in any size or depth and can include features such as wide or softened steps, benches, tanning ledges and spas. The vinyl liner offers a soft and gentle surface material that adds comfortable for swimmers.

When you want luxury and personalizations.

Concrete pools are created with a reinforced concrete wall and floor that is either shot into place or formed and poured. The rough concrete surface is then finished with tile, plaster, or a combination of both. These pools are completely customizable in terms of size, shape and features such as waterfalls, fire features, and custom steps, and offer premium durability.

When you want low maintenance.

Fiberglass pools are manufactured as one piece and shipped to your home ready to be craned into place. The pool shells come in various shapes, sizes and colours, finished with a gelcoat surface. Gelcoat is a smooth, nonporous material that is easy to clean. These pools are available with various features such as wide steps, benches, tanning ledges and spas. Fiberglass pools are also a great solution for fitting new pool builds into tight spaces.


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